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Archbishop Leo Cushley consecrated St Andrews and Edinburgh while leading a pilgrimage

The Victoria Legislative Assembly voted to legalise the practice, however it still needs to be approved by the state’s upper house

The design was inspired by traditional wooden churches in Belarus

Radio Immaculata’s programming schedule is structured around the rosary

Faith schools are a force for social inclusion and community cohesion, said the former Education Secretary

Fr Hugh Allan has been appointed Apostolic Administrator of the Prefecture of the Falkland Islands

Lucien Greaves said their priorities were personal autonomy and scientific rationalism

A nine-year-old boy and his mother have been released four days after their arrest, following an accusation that he had desecrated a Koran

The Chapel of St George and the English Martyrs will host the decorative scheme

Venezuela’s new cardinal says the country’s politicians ‘can’t throw in the towel’